Friday, October 12, 2012

Forever (Fateful #3)

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Pages: 300

Danielle and Ethan may have solved their problem with vampires, but other magical beings have taken interest in the ones who discovered the cure.

On the run trying to escape a gaggle of evil pixies, a clan of creepy werewolves, a coven or two of wicked witches, and a school of lovely but malicious mermaids, they fight to have a normal life. But that isn't so easy when the only aid they have is from slightly dishonest fairies and flirtatious vampire bodyguards.

This is Danielle and Ethan's happily forever after....

I was really excited to read the last book in this series!  I wanted so badly for things to turn out good for these characters, they had enough devastation!  Not to mention in the description it says that this is Danielle and Ethan’s happily ever after.  So far I have been impressed with this new author’s writing.

I love the storyline and the characters.  I haven’t read a book where there is a cure for vampirism, so that was a nice touch.  All of the tragedy the couple goes through makes you love them that much more.   Also, the inclusion of some many different types of paranormal beings was great!  There were vampires, fairies, pixies, werewolves, witches, sorceresses, and mermaids.  The werewolves and mermaids were unlike any that I have read about, unique to the writer.  This is rare because of all the books out there about them.

As far as this book, I was a little disappointed.  There was so much going on in such a short period of time.  I feel like she could have split it up into two books.  The fast-forward 4 years at the end was a little much.  I would have liked to see how the characters did when they were no longer in danger.  What was it like for them to be safe in their home without vampire bodyguards always around?  How did the pregnancy go?  What happened to Danielle’s family and the Order members that protected them so long?

Overall I would recommend the series to anyone looking for a good YA paranormal romance.  This beginning author has an amazing talent! 

Looking forward to reading more of her work! J

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